1001 Friends

There was a land where people believed that they would live that many years depending on the number of friends he/she had. So every time you gain one you would get one more year in your life and if you lost one you would lose a year too. Interesting right? 😱 Here is a story about a girl who lived there….☺☺Print

This story about a girl with a thousand friends. The girl  was about 15 – 16 years old. She had a family of four, her mother, father and her grandmother. One fine day she and her parents were travelling when suddenly they met with an accident. Both her parents passed away leaving her and her grandmother. She was so sad that she stopped eating and confined herself in a room. She started becoming thin, every day she became worse and worse.

Seeing her become weak worried the grandmother so she called the girl and told her  ” if you give up a 1000 friends you can see your parents once again“. The little girls face lit up for a few seconds and dimmed down again and she said ” I will give up all my friends…..but that means I won’t live anymore” then the granny replied ” don’t worry about that… consider me a friend that means you will have 1001 friends thus giving you an extra year” she thanked her grandmother and ran out of her house…

She called up her nearby friends and told them about her wish. Her friends were very upset in leaving her but later on got ready to make the sacrifice for her wish. Just like days passed her friends passed.

One year later she was left with 1 friend, her grandmother. She asked her grandmother “Granny I have left all my friends, Now what should I do?” the granny replied ” There is a waterfall which is  100km from here you must walk till there…. take a handful of water and pray to lord Krishna he will answer your prayer“. She got ready and planned to leave the next day. The girl and her grandmother started their journey…. when they reached halfway her grandmother became sick and passed away…. She was devastated but still continued forward.

After a long journey she reached the falls. She did just like her grandmother said and Lord Krishna appeared, he said “ I am happy with your sacrifices dear child. Now what is that you wish for?” she burst into tears and replied ” I want my grandmother back” Krishna replied “ I cannot do that as she had sacrificed her life for you“. The girl was shocked and asked ” But why?” Krishna said “ That day was actually the day when you were supposed to die but your grandmother sacrificed herself in exchange of your life.. Your one year was over my child ” hearing this the girl wiped her tears and said” I never knew that my grandmother loved me so much, so that I could come and wish my parents back….. Please Oh Lord! Please give me back my parents… That’s all I wish for” Lord  Krishna granted her wish and left.. She was happy that her parents had come back but also sad that her grandmother had left… Keeping her sadness hidden in mind she walked back home with her parents.



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