Every Day Is A New Day

“Past is Past, Gone Foregone, Never to Come Back Again”

Just as the quote says we should not think about our past  because it will never come back unless u think and never let go of it….. we have days ahead of us giving us a second chance, make the best use of it. everyday

It’s not our past that describes us it is our attitude. The effort we put into changing ourselves every time we fall is what makes us perfect. We all may have had a rough past and there are people who think that our future too will be similar…. but no…. the power of changing the future lies in each individuals hands. It’s
not our siblings, it’s not our friends but us, it’s only us who has the power of changing our own future… ….

So expect and hope for the best… because every day is a new day and a second chance for us…. 🙂


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