Acceptors are winners, Rejecters are losers

“Winners are people who learn from their mistakes and losers are people who never think of learning from their mistakes”


All of us wants to be a winner. Being a winner is not easy. We can see that a person who has suffered a lot has some kind of good thing in his life and that he is always happy. That person has learnt a lot from his suffering and also chose to accept it and that is what makes him a winner. We refuse to accept half of the things, refusing doesn’t mean you have overcome a problem it just means you have found a temporary solution for something, he is a loser and a failure. One day that problem will come up as a very big one and you won’t have a temporary solution then. So accept things that cannot be changed, when we accept we learn and we won’t repeat the same mistake.

So accept and become a winner, reject and become a loser. 👍🙋



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